Improving Representation of Aotearoa’s Communities in Tech

Research by NZ Tech shows that there is low representation of Māori and Pacific people across corporate Aotearoa, with these figures even lower in the technology sector. This presents two challenges. First, diversity in organisations is critical to broader business success. And second, we’ve seen that teams that offer different perspectives, experiences and insights develop technological solutions that support all communities.

Over the past decade, TupuToa has been nurturing and developing Māori and Pacific leaders to ensure corporate Aotearoa is representative of these communities. With over 1000 alumni placed in roles across Aotearoa and beyond, there’s also a need to support this cohort of professionals with the skills required to achieve their tech-career aspirations.

Now, through grant support provided by, Google’s philanthropic arm, TupuToa will commence a programme aimed at increasing representation of Māori and Pacific professionals in technology across Aotearoa to improve technological outcomes for all.  

TupuToa Chief Executive Anne Fitisemanu said, ”The ripple effect of this programme will be massive. Not only will we be able to support our alumni but this work will impact their whanau and communities who are at risk of exclusion from this industry, and eventually improve the growth of Aotearoa’s technology related skill sets that are already needed across a broad range of industries. I’m so pleased that we’re aligned with on this shared mission to develop and empower our people through tech.”

The programme will support the TupuToa community of Māori and Pacific professionals in two ways. By seeking to understand the needs of alumni in the workforce and then by providing better support and pathways for Māori and Pacific early talent to develop their careers successfully in technology, with scope to expand to experienced career changers in the future.

With a shared commitment to ensuring indigenous communities take their place and thrive in the world of technology, we hope this programme will in time deliver better technological outcomes for all of New Zealand.

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