Improving Remarketing with Google Analytics: A UI Refresh and List Importing

Last year, we released a new, more powerful version of segmentation, supporting more robust user-centric analysis (recap here).

Now you can achieve the full power of this enhanced segmentation in Remarketing with Google Analytics.

With this overhaul (which is rolling out over the next two weeks), you can more easily create Remarketing lists based on origin, demographics, and behavior to re-engage with your audiences like never before.

New interface under Admin > Remarketing Lists

One of our early users shared their experience so far:

“We have 8 target user segments that we engage with through Eloqua. Google Analytics provides us with a flexible environment to track the behavior of these segments across all incoming traffic channels. Now we can easily import these segments to make our remarketing spend much more effective.” --Oleg Rogynskyy, CEO, Semantria

Got lots of segments that you'd like to act on? No problem. You can now import from your existing segments in the Remarketing list builder. This includes all custom segments you’ve created, plus segments you import from the solutions gallery.

And after importing...

We're excited to release this improvement and make Remarketing with Google Analytics simpler and more powerful.  You can get started by importing the Remarketing Starter pack from the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery.

Stay tuned for more improvements in the coming weeks! 

Posted by Dan Stone, Product Manager, Google Analytics