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Posted by Natalie Dao, Google Developers Social TeamHappy New Year … is something we won’t say again until next January, promise. Still. There’s a lot to be thrilled about in 2020. Check out our Top Ten list of videos, blogs, and events to find out why we’re already excited for next month, the month after that, and beyond. It’s been a bit of a slow start, but one thing is for sure: 2020 is going to rule. Let’s get into it.

1. Game On ?

Gamers rejoice! The annual Indie Games Festival from Google Play will hit Europe, Japan, and South Korea on April 25th. Whether you’re an indie game developer or a devoted gamer, this is your chance to showcase your unique skills. Submissions close on March 2nd, so get to it!

Learn more about it on the official website.

2. It’s A Dirty Job ?

Finally, a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suck! Wait. Ecovacs Robotics manufactures robotic vacuum cleaners powered by a TensorFlow Lite model to help detect and avoid obstacles.

Read the blog to learn more.

3. Take The DSC Challenge ?

Developer Student Clubs from 800+ universities across the globe will use technology to solve local problems within their communities. 10 winning teams (up to 4 members) will be chosen and receive prizes including a curated experience with Googlers to celebrate! Submissions will be accepted between March 15-30, 2020.

Up for the challenge? Learn how you can enter here.

4. You Gotta Check Out This New Podcast ?

Sound up! The Assistant on Air podcast from Actions on Google is now streaming. Tune in to listen to your favorite couch-friendly series, where guests chat about building for the Google Assistant.

Get to listening on Google Podcasts, Google Play Music, Apple, and Spotify!

5. Flutter/Dart Do Design And They Do It Well ?

Photo courtesy of Fast Company

Look Ma, we made it! Our favorite UI toolkit and the programming language that powers it have been listed in Fast Company’s most important design ideas of the decade. Flutter and Dart allow developers to build beautiful experiences that can be seamlessly deployed across all platforms.

Check out the star-studded lineup on Fast Company.

6. Summit Season Starts Now ?

The time is now to register for the TensorFlow Dev Summit! Join the machine learning community in Sunnyvale, CA this March for two full days of highly technical talks, demos, sessions, and networking with the TensorFlow team.

See how you can witness that ML magic on the official event website.

7. Registration Open For Google Cloud Next '20 ⏩

SO. MANY. EVENTS. Registration for Google Cloud Next ‘20 has been announced! Taking place in the charming city of San Francisco, this epic conference brings together some of the brightest minds in tech for three days of networking, learning, and collaboration. Get the scoop on all the latest products, learn how leading brands use Cloud to solve challenges, immerse yourself in exhibits, and more.

Get your registration locked down on the official event website.

8. New Coral Products For 2020 ?

Coral is a platform of hardware components and software tools that makes prototyping and scaling local AI products easier. Launched last year, this portfolio of products has been used for many applications across different industries ranging from healthcare to agriculture. To kick off the new year, Coral has released new products to expand the possibilities of local AI!

Get all the details on the blog here.

9. SERIES SPOTLIGHT: Get To Know Cloud Firestore ?

In this episode of Get to Know Cloud Firestore from Firebase, Todd Kerpelman tackles Cloud Functions and five interesting scenarios you might come across when implementing them in your app.

Watch the full video here and don’t forget to subscribe to the Firebase YT channel.

10. Countdown to IO ?

#GoogleIO is returning to Mountain View in May! To announce the event, Google launched a collaborative game where users worked together to repair an intergalactic satellite network. Although the date has been decoded by savvy internet detectives, you can still embark on the mission for fun!

More event details are coming soon on the official event website. See you at Shoreline.

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