How to get your ASP.NET app up on Google Cloud the easy way

Don’t let anyone tell you that Google Cloud Platform doesn’t support a wide range of platforms and programming languages. We kicked things off with Python and Java on Google App Engine, then PHP and Go. Now, we support .NET framework on Google Compute Engine.

Google recently published a .NET client library for services like Google Cloud Datastore and Windows virtual machines running on Compute Engine. With those pieces in place, it’s now possible to run an ASP.NET application directly on Cloud Platform.

To get you up and running fast, we published two new tutorials that show you how to build and deploy ASP.NET applications to Cloud Platform.

The Hello World tutorial shows you how to deploy an ASP.NET application to Compute Engine.
The Bookshelf tutorial shows you to build an ASP.NET MVC application that uses a variety Cloud Platform services to make your application reliable, scaleable and easy to maintain. First, it shows you how to store structured data with .NET. Do you love SQL? Use Entity Framework to store structured data in Cloud SQL. Tired of connection strings and running ALTER TABLE statements? Use Cloud Datastore to store structured data. The tutorial also shows you how to store binary data and run background worker tasks.
Give the tutorials a try, and please share your feedback! And don’t think we’re done yet  this is just the beginning. Among many efforts, we're hand-coding open source libraries so that calling Google APIs feels familiar to .NET programmers. Stay tuned for more on running ASP.NET applications on Google Cloud Platform.