How creating a content calendar can help you #DrawTheCrowds

In today’s fast-paced and global media landscape, timing is everything when you’re looking to draw crowds to your site. Throughout the year, there are trends and events that create opportunities for publishers to connect with audiences in the moments that matter. If you can time your content right and make it topical, you stand a much better chance of capturing the interest of a wider audience.

Let’s take a simple example. There’s no sense in a fashion blogger writing a piece on Coachella fashion when the annual music festival season is over. If that blogger could know when events relevant to fashion were approaching, she could much better plan her content. That’s where content calendars come in.

A content calendar is an essential tool for any publisher looking to harness some of the online buzz generated by big events. Though they can come in many different forms and countless templates exist, the essential components of a content calendar are the same. Big events relevant to your users are plotted on a calendar, allowing you to get a jump on your content plan.

If you know what events are approaching, you can start to think about the kind of content you can create to harness your users’ interest in them. 

To get you started, we’ve pulled out a few upcoming events sure to draw the crowds over the next few months. There are 5 calendar categories for you to choose from–national holidays, sports, entertainment, travel, and news. Scroll down to take a look at what big moments are coming up, click to add them to your calendar, then start planning your content!

This initial list is just to get you started, once you get into the habit of planning your content in advance, you can start to do your own research into what upcoming events might interest your audience. Need an insight into what your users like? Google Analytics can help you get to know your audience better.

Get started and plan your year today to begin drawing the crowds! New to AdSense? Sign up now and turn your passion into profit.

Posted by Jay Castro, AdSense Content Marketing Specialist

Source: Inside AdSense