How attribution modeling increases profit for Baby Supermall

"Attribution modeling changes everything."

That's what Joe Meier of Baby Supermall told us recently.  If you're looking for alphabets or monkeys on your new baby bedding, Baby Supermall is the place to be. But those products have an unusually long buying cycle. "Our typical customer is a pregnant mother-to-be," says Meier. "They have months to make a decision."

In this video, Meier describes how Google Analytics’ attribution modeling tool let them measure the impact of different marketing touch points before customers finally made a purchase. So they could figure out which of their marketing activities led all those moms (and dads) to visit the Baby Supermall site. It also saved him from the monster 80-megabyte spreadsheets he'd been building as he tried to manually figure those patterns out. 

Result? “We’re spending our money more efficiently than we were before. We know what we’re getting for it,” says Meier. By linking their Google Analytics and Adwords accounts, Baby Supermall was able to see the impact of different keywords and optimize their AdWords ads, bringing in “tens of thousands of dollars in additional sales every week."

He calls the results "groundbreaking." Check out the video:

(PS: Don't miss their site if you happen to like very cute baby bedding.)

Happy Analyzing!

Posted by: Suzanne Mumford, Google Analytics Marketing