How a PRI correspondent uses Pixel to capture stories from the field

Richard Hall is the Middle East correspondent for Public Radio International, based in Beirut, Lebanon. He travels all over the region, reporting on the Syrian civil war, the refugee crisis, and everyday life. Recently he started using a Pixel to capture photographs for his stories—so we asked him to tell us a bit about his approach to reporting and how Pixel plays a role. Hear more from Richard and see some of his photos below. 

My job requires me to do a little bit of everything—radio, writing and photography. I used to lug around a big camera with me on stories, but it got in the way. Good radio requires a conversation and making a connection. Setting up a camera to take a shot can interrupt all that; it puts up a barrier between me and the subject. My aim is always to take the best shot with as little fuss as possible—to keep that conversation going.