Here’s my playlist, so submit a video, maybe?

Update: YouTube Direct Lite for iOS is now available as well. This version demonstrates best practices for using the YouTube APIs on iOS.

YouTube Direct Lite allows you to solicit videos from your users and then moderate those submissions into standard YouTube playlists for display. And now there is an app for that.

With the YouTube Direct Lite apps (Android, iOS), your fans can

  • record a new video,
  • upload an existing video from their device,
  • pick one of their own YouTube uploads

and submit to your playlist, all from their Android device. You can then moderate their submissions, which won't show up in your playlist till you explicitly approve them.

YouTube Direct Lite platform doesn’t require any server-side code that needs to be configured or deployed. As the moderator, you will see a playlist of videos waiting for your approval. The videos you approve, will be added into your channel.

How to start using the Android application

1) Register your Android app
2) Enable the Youtube Data API v3 and Google+ API in your API Console.
3) Include the Google Play Services library in your project to build this application.
4) Plug your Playlist Id into and Android API Key into

Main ActivityYouTube playerUpload Service
Main ActivityYouTube playerUpload Service

How to start using the iOS application

2) Plug your Playlist Id, Client ID and Client Secret into Utils.h
2) Install the Google Client Library.
3) Run the sample

Main Activity     YouTube player     Upload Service
Uploads PlaylistiFrame Player
YouTube Upload

Open-sourced to reference best practices of YouTube APIs on Android and iOS

YouTube Direct Lite apps (Android, iOS) are open-sourced projects and you are more than welcome to customize them for your needs. You can also contribute back to the projects with bug reports, feature or merge requests.

Android application uses the YouTube Data API v3, YouTube Android Player API, YouTube Resumable Uploads, Google Play Services and Plus API.

In addition to Android best practices for the YouTube APIs, this project follows the design and development guidelines for Android. This project adheres to Holo style, typography, 48dp rhythm, iconography and uses IntentService, BigPictureStyle notification, and GoogleAccountCredential.

iOS application uses the YouTube Data API v3, the YouTube iFrame Player API, and YouTube Resumable Uploads.

In addition, in these videos, we talk about the philosophy we followed in building these apps and a few best practices for the Youtube APIs, Android, and iOS development.

This App is still experimental, so stay tuned here and subscribe to the YouTube for Developers channel to keep up on the latest.

Ibrahim Ulukaya, YouTube API Team