Google’s India Cloud region in Mumbai, is now live
The first Google Cloud Platform region in India is now open for you to build applications and store your data, and promises to significantly improve latency for GCP customers and end users in the area.*

The new Mumbai region, asia-south1, joins Singapore, Taiwan, Sydney and Tokyo in Asia Pacific and makes it easier to build highly available, performant applications using resources across those geographies.

Hosting applications in the new region can improve latency from 20-90% for end users in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and of course Mumbai, compared to hosting them in the closest region, Singapore.


The Mumbai region has everything you need to build the next great application, and three zones to make it stand up to whatever Mother Nature has to offer:

Interested in a GCP service that’s not available in the India region? No problem. You can access this service via the Google Network, the largest cloud network as measured by number of points of presence.

If you’d like to privately connect to the Mumbai region, we offer Dedicated Interconnect at two locations, these locations are GPX Mumbai and Tata Mumbai IDC.

Pay in local currency

With the opening of this Mumbai region, Indian customers are now able to buy these services directly in Indian rupees. Below is an animated GIF of the SKUs tool in action, now in rupees.

What customers are saying

Indian companies welcome the addition of this GCP region to South Asia.

“We wanted to have a low latency and secure cloud platform to create our active-active, high availability and load balanced multi-cloud setup. GCP gave us a low latency network, better than expected SSL performance, and the ability to optimize costs further with custom machine types. The new India region will help us bring our service even closer to Indian consumers.”
— Manish Verma, Chief Technology Officer at Hungama

“As a senior leader within the organization, I see the key benefits of GCP and other technologies being lower cost, greater efficiency, and improved business continuity. For example, the current data center team can be redeployed to other initiatives as the technical experts at GCP will be undertaking most of the management and maintenance tasks.”
— R D Bhatnagar, Chief Technology Officer at DB Corp

Google has been pushing hard into deep learning and making powerful tools and technologies available on GCP. We really appreciate the stability and scalability of the GCP platform. As a fast-growing startup, we can scale our platform up and down in minutes with few worries.”
— Dr. Sven Niedner, Chief Operations Officer at Innoplexus
"Once our team was exposed to GCP and understood the benefits of the platform, our mindset changed from 'let us do everything on our own' to 'let us do what we do best' and delegate the remainder. We are always eager to see what new services are being launched and are extremely excited about what GCP can provide as part of its roadmap."
— Sandeep Kalidindi, Head of Technology at PaGaLGuy

Getting started
For help migrating to GCP, please contact our local partners. For additional details on the Mumbai region, please visit our Mumbai region page where you’ll get access to free resources, whitepapers, the "Cloud On-Air" on-demand video series and more. Our locations page provides updates on the availability of additional services and regions. Contact us to request early access to new regions and help us prioritize what we build next.

*Please visit our Service Specific Terms to get detailed information on our data storage capabilities.

Posted By Dave Stiver, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform