Googlers @ the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing: Roshni

#GHC15 is almost here! We’re continuing to celebrate women and the many faces in tech with another Googler story.

Meet Roshni. Roshni is a software engineer working on the Google Identity Platform. At our Google headquarters in Mountain View, she’s currently working with her team to answer the question, “How can Google help developers build easy sign-in experiences so that users can reduce the number of passwords on the internet and access their data securely across devices?” She leads an orientation class for new Googlers -- or “Nooglers” as we prefer to call them -- and still finds the time to help grow community gardens. This will be her fourth time attending the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC).

Roshni, what’s been your favorite part about attending GHC in the past?

I love to inspire and to be inspired as I continue to grow in my career in computer science. Each year GHC has enabled me to develop and try something new.

When I first attended GHC as a graduating student, I was taught to negotiate my starting offers. Then I learned what it’s like from the other side, where I had the opportunity to speak with smart young women who were exploring starting a career in computer science. I was able to assure them they were not only good enough to be software engineers, but that Google was actually looking for people like them to help build technology that would have meaningful impact on a lot of people. It was in that moment, talking to other women about why they belonged in the industry and at Google, that really made me feel more like I belonged too.

The following year I was on a Systers community panel for the newly created Indian Women in Computing community where I learned how I could help to build communities. And this year I’ll be talking about my work at a panel and a workshop, which allows me to help bring more women to the field of Identity.

GHC has given me the confidence I need to volunteer my time to engage more women in tech across three different levels: the middle/high schoolers who aren’t here yet, the undergraduates who may be deciding if they want to be here, and the industry folks who should stay.

What are you most looking forward to at GHC this year?

Shameless plug... my first workshop! On a more serious note, I’m very excited to listen to Megan Smith again. She’s a very inspirational speaker!

For those attending GHC for the first time, do you have any advice to share?

Wear comfy shoes! And, more seriously, don’t be overwhelmed by everything that’s happening in parallel. Everything will be interesting, but choose the session that’s right for you in your current role.

What about for those who might be considering a career in computer science at Google? Can you share what it is you like most about being a Googler?

The awesome people I get to work with and learn from every day! And the fact that Google provides me with so many ways to give back. For someone whose first GHC experience was sponsored by Google, I’m always grateful for all the opportunities to give back -- from candidate coaching, to organizing Systers meetups at Google, and beyond.

If you’re interested in checking out Roshni’s workshop, join us on Friday, 10/16 @ 2:30pm in the General Assembly, Theatre B Level 3. You can also find her on a panel on Thursday, 10/15 @ 10:30am in the General Assembly Theatre C Level 3.

Be sure to stop by Booth 221 to meet even more Googlers. Hope to see you there!  #GoogleGHC15