Google Partners Goes Global: Empowering agencies with new leads, new tools, new opportunities

Google is committed to making the web work for you. That’s why we’re proud to announce the worldwide launch of Google Partners – a platform for the digital marketing community that helps businesses and agencies grow and thrive together.

Google Partners replaces Agency Edge, Google Certification Program, and Engage for Agencies by taking the best they had to offer and adding a new suite of powerful resources – all in a cleaner, simpler interface. And it allows you to build a closer relationship with your clients.

With Google Partners, you can:

  • Earn leads: Connect with potential clients through Google Partner Search
  • Get certified: Take certification exams – for free – on an improved, more intuitive platform
  • Learn and develop: Gain insights tailored to your agency and its needs
  • Use offers: Receive offers that you can use to introduce clients to AdWords
  • Demonstrate credibility: Distinguish yourself in the marketplace by earning the Google Partner badge

Google Partners isn’t simply a new platform – it’s a better platform.

And it’s one that rewards your hard work by helping your business grow. By demonstrating that you’ve mastered best practices, you can earn the Google Partner badge – proof that we trust you and your clients should, too. We’ll provide you with customized tips every step of the way, so your company can get the badge and both you and your clients can shine. Because that’s how true partnership works.

To join Google Partners, please visit

Posted by the Google Partners Team