Google Maps APIs hit the road with ‘Code the Road’

It’s been ten years since we launched Google Maps APIs to developers, and since then, developers have been creating amazing apps and online experiences. To celebrate how maps and location are an integral piece of app development, we’re hitting the road—literally, on a cross-country trip called Code the Road.

Code the Road is a road trip across the U.S. to highlight what developers have made possible with the Google Maps APIs. We’re driving our customized 1959 GM tour bus on a 14 stop journey across the U.S. where along the way we’ll meet with developers, bikers, athletes, and even Elmo. And for our final celebration, where better than the place where dreams come true? We’re going to Disney World to share the magic of coding!

Code the Road starts at Google I/O in San Francisco on May 28, where attendees can experience first-hand what we’ll be featuring on the road. The bus will be a permanent fixture during Google I/O across from Moscone West at the corner of 4th Street and Howard Street. Note that because we’re outside the venue, you don’t need an I/O ticket get on the bus, so come down to visit!

From there we’ll be heading across the country—stopping in Utah, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, Virginia, Georgia and Florida. Along the way we’ll be featuring some of the amazing applications developers have created using Google Maps APIs including apps from iFit, Harley-Davidson, Lyft, Hilton Hotels, The Weather Channel and Walt Disney World.
We will also be hosting three developer meetups in Boulder on June 4, Chicago on June 9 and New York on June 18. The meetups will highlight how developers can use the Google Maps APIs in their apps and websites and include sessions with Google Engineers and customers. We’re expecting these meet-ups to fill-up quickly, so reserve a seat at a location near you.

Here’s where and when you can come visit us:

May 28 & 29
San Francisco
Google I/O at the corner of 4th and Howard
June 2
Logan, UT
A visit with iFit ICON Health and Fitness with a 5K treadmill Run
June 3
Moab, UT
Arches National Park
June 4
Boulder, CO
Boulder Developer Meetup
June 8
Milwaukee, WI
Police escorted H.O.G. ride from Harley-Davidson headquarters to the Harley-Davidson Museum
June 9
Chicago, IL
Chicago Developer Meetup
June 10
Chicago, IL
A visit with Lyft
June 12
Chicago, IL
A visit with the Chicago Department of Transportation at North Avenue Beach
June 17
New York, NY
A visit with Sesame Street
June 18
New York, NY
NYC Developer Meetup
June 22
McLean, VA
A visit with Hilton Worldwide
June 23 & 24
Atlanta, GA
A visit with The Weather Channel and 48-hour Hackathon
June 26
Orlando, FL
Walt Disney World Resort

Follow us on our journey via the Code the Road website to provide additional details about the dates and locations of our stops as well as charting our progress as we head across the country. We will also be sharing on-the-road updates, videos and photos on the site throughout the trip.

We hope to see you on the road!

Posted by Ashley Smith, Developer Marketing, Google Maps APIs