Google for Nonprofits Launches in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Szia! Cześć! Ahoj! Dobrý den! Greetings from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic!  Today, we’re excited to announce that we are continuing to expand Google for Nonprofits in Europe. In partnership with TechSoup, Google for Nonprofits is now available in these Central European countries, servicing tens of thousands of nonprofit organizations in the region.

Specified Nonprofit Corporations, Public Interest Corporations, and Social Welfare Corporations can now apply to join the program (in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic), which provides access to a suite of free products and tools, including:
  • Google Ad Grants: Free AdWords advertising to promote your website on Google through keyword targeting.
  • Google Apps for Nonprofit: Free version of the Google Apps business productivity suite, including Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and more.
  • YouTube Nonprofit Program: Premium branding capabilities on YouTube channels, and increased uploading capacity.

Many nonprofits around the world are already taking advantage of these programs to recruit new volunteers, fundraise and raise awareness about their work. Google Ad Grants, for example, is one great way to drive more traffic to your site through AdWords.


UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) is a global humanitarian organization that develops programs to help children in more than 150 countries and territories. The most significant effort is targeted on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children, to the benefit of all children everywhere. Through Google Grants, UNICEF has been able to increase traffic to the website, the charitable online store, and the amount of online donations by over 100%.
"Since we are a humanitarian organization whose activities are funded entirely by voluntary contributions, Google Grants has opened the door to new online fundraising opportunities that would have otherwise been financially unattainable. AdWords allows us to reach a large portion of the public that we previously weren’t able to reach. Thank you for these wonderful possibilities in digital fundraising", said Hana Čermáková, UNICEF Czech Republic Fundraising Manager.

We’re impressed already by how nonprofits are raising awareness for their organizations using technology. Using the momentum that has been established by organizations such as Unicef, we can’t wait to continue partnering with organizations in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic starting with today’s launch.