Google Cloud to join .NET Foundation Technical Steering Group

In tomorrow’s enterprise, developers and IT professionals work in an environment characterized by technological choice: open, cross-platform development where the best tools are easily within reach. As enterprises adopt public and hybrid cloud at an accelerated pace, Google Cloud is committed to fostering an open platform.

In this spirit of enabling developers and their organizations, Google is pleased to be joining the Technical Steering Group of the .NET Foundation. .NET is a key component in the modern enterprise, and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) team has worked hard to ensure that .NET has first-class support on Google’s infrastructure, including excellent infrastructure for Windows. For years, Google has offered .NET libraries for more than 200 of its cloud services. More recently, we’ve built native GCP support for Visual Studio and PowerShell.

Google is already an active contributor to .NET, including heavy involvement in the ECMA specification for C#. Joining the Technical Steering Group for the .NET Foundation expands our participation. We’re excited to work with the industry to contribute to .NET as an excellent open platform for developers in the enterprise. Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help you bring your .NET workloads to GCP!