Going where you are: Google Maps API Utility Libraries moving to Github

For years, we’ve hosted the open source utility libraries for the Google Maps JavaScript API on Google Code. These libraries provide additional functionality that developers can add to their maps applications. They also show best practices for techniques like marker clustering:

Putting labels on a map:

And much more.

Over the last few years the developer community has increasingly used GitHub for hosting code. In order to make these libraries more useful to developers, we will be moving the utility libraries maintained by Google to our Google Maps GitHub repository, where they will join the Android utility library, the iOS utility library, our new Java Client for Google Maps Services and various code samples we’ve published. There they will be easy to fork and use in your own projects, as well as make pull requests to add new features and fix problems.

We have frozen the existing project on code.google.com. Future updates will be made only in the GitHub repositories. We encourage developers to get their code from the GitHub repositories instead.

For a complete list of the utility libraries on GitHub, check out our directory.

Posted by Mano Marks, Google Maps API Team