Go behind the scenes of CLEAN & CLEAR®’s content marketing strategy

In the last year, Americans have doubled their digital video viewing, and brands are responding accordingly—focusing more on video marketing than ever before. In fact, many are building comprehensive strategies around YouTube campaigns. And when brands go big on video, the rewards can be even bigger.
For instance, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies brand CLEAN & CLEAR® earned millions of YouTube views for its anchor series, SEE THE REAL ME®. More importantly, it boosted market share by double digits.

On Think with Google, we talked to Kacey Dreby, group brand director at CLEAN & CLEAR®, about the keys to developing a relevant and engaging digital video strategy. Here’s what she had to say:

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On choosing YouTube to host the series
"TV and chronological social channels can feel fleeting. If your audience isn't watching that show or checking their feed that day, it's gone. We chose YouTube as a hub in part because our content lives there for as long as we want. Our YouTube channel is a collection, a library, a content repository. People on YouTube care less about when a video is posted and more about whether or not it's relevant to them in the moment."

On real-time marketing for live events like the MTV Video Music Awards
"There's a fallacy out there that real-time marketing happens at the last minute. A lot of our content was at least partially created before the VMAs ever began. Our creative team prepared content for different outcomes or situations that could occur during the event. They designed and wrote content that can be manipulated easily in the moment. That way, almost everything could be approved ahead of time, and all the team had to do to make it relevant was swap in a word here or a photo there."

On establishing a two-way dialogue
"For us, content isn't 'we post; you respond.' We stick around to have an authentic, ongoing, two-way dialogue with our fans.…To prepare for that audience interaction, we carefully train every community manager (CM) who works with us. We figure out as a team what the message should be in the various situations they'll encounter, and then we train our CMs to adjust that generic messaging so that we sound personal, never forced or canned."

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