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We know that art has the power to encourage and inspire, and during this challenging time, we continue to work with our cultural partners to help them reach audiences online. Whether you’re looking to dive deep into Indian art and culture, looking to virtually visit a famous site or looking to play with some of our experiments, here are some ways you can keep exploring on Google Arts & Culture. 

Discover the comprehensive collection of the artist Raja Ravi Varma

Left to Right:
1. ‘Women holding a Fruit’, by Raja Ravi Varma, from the collection of National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi
2. ‘Rai Pannalal Mehta’, by Raja Ravi Varma, from the collection of The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation
3. ‘Vishnu Garuda Vahan’, in advertisement for jam by C. & E. Morton Ltd. UK, by Ravi Varma Press, from the collection of The Ganesh Shivaswamy Foundation 

Today, on the occasion of Raja Ravi Varma’s 172nd birth anniversary, we are proud to launch a comprehensive digital retrospective of his paintings, prints, sketches and rare photographs. These are presented alongside works inspired by the artist - on canvas, textiles, as studio photography and even as matchbox art! The retrospective features more than 30 stories and more than 700 images and videos from nine institutions, including The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation, National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi, The Ganesh Shivaswamy Foundation and Museum of Art & Photography. “Raja Ravi Varma” shines a spotlight on his work, and offers insights into his rich and varied life. Learn about the legends of Urvashi and Shakuntala, or discover how the Jamdani technique was used to weave intricate Saris in Khadi

On this occasion, why not enjoy a special new experience that takes you on a journey through Raja Ravi Varma’s most iconic paintings? Set to music inspired by Indian classical ragas, enjoy meditative experiences that celebrate Ravi Varma’s intrinsic love for musical instruments and melody, as portrayed in many of his paintings.

Explore India’s Landmarks from Home
Left to Right:
1. Palace of Lights, Royal Opera House, Mumbai, from the collection of Royal Opera House
2. The Great Gate, Fatehpur Sikri, by Samuel Bourne, from the collection of Museum of Art & Photography
3. Soona Mahal, Mumbai, from the collection of Art Deco Mumbai Trust

Virtually visit India’s only surviving opera house with 10 breathtaking virtual tours from Royal Opera House, in Mumbai. The building was reopened to the public in 2016 after extensive renovations to restore it to its former glory. Learn more about the Art Deco movement in Mumbai’s architecture design - the precinct which has been accorded UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Take a journey down memory lane with Museum of Art & Photography’s exhibition on the hidden histories of photography covering India’s most iconic sites to lesser known locations.

Left to Right:
1. Ajanta Cave no. 26, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from Archaeological Survey of India
2. An Indo-Portuguese Goan-style folding chair, from the collection of Museum of Design Excellence

Then, sink into your favourite chair, and travel virtually to the Ajanta World Heritage Site’s Cave 26, to discover the many forms and histories of seating across India with the Museum of Design Excellence.
Experience art in new ways
We are always looking for new ways for people to engage with art through technology. One of our newest features is Art Transfer, that lets you transform your photos influenced by the style characteristics of renowned artists such as Frida Khalo or Leonardo Da Vinci. 

Caption: Explore ‘Art Transfer’ on the Google Arts & Culture App

Family Fun with Arts & Culture is another new resource for families at home to explore art, science, animals, music, books and cultures of the world, while also having fun. All of these features can be enjoyed at home with the Google Arts & Culture app on iOS and Android.

Posted by Simon Rein, Program Manager Google Arts & Culture