Get ready for Android Dev Summit ‘22: Check out the Technical Talks, Livestream Agenda, and Speakers!

Posted by Yasmine Evjen, Community Lead, Android Developer Relations

Modern Android Development Track @ Android Dev Summit October 24, 2022 at 9:00 AM PT Agenda 9:00 AM Keynote, 9:50 AM Custom Layouts and Graphics in Compose, 10:10 AM Making Apps Blazing Fast with Baseline Profiles, 10:30 State of the Art of Compose Tooling, 10:50 State Holders and State Production in the UI Layer, 11:10 AM 5 ways Compose Improves UI Testing, 11:15 AM 5 Android Studio Features You Don't Want to Miss, 11:30 AM Pre-recorded MAD Technical Talks, 12:20 PM Where to Hoist that State in Compose, 12:25 PM Material You in Compose Apps, 12:30 PM PM Compose Modifiers Deep Dive, 12:50 Practical Room Migrations, 12:55 PM Type Safe, Multi-Module Best Practices with Navigation, 1:00 PM What's New in Android Build, 1:20 PM From Views to Compose: Where Can I Start?, 1:25 PM Test at Scale with Gradle Managed Devices, 1:35 PM MAD #AskAndroid. Broadcast live on & YouTube.Android Dev Summit is kicking off next week Monday October 24 9am PT, live streamed on YouTube from the San Francisco Bay Area! Whether you’re tuning in online or–for the first time since 2019–joining in person at locations around the world, it’s your opportunity to learn from the source, about building excellent apps across devices. We just dropped information on the livestream agenda, technical talks, and speakers — so start planning your schedule!

Here’s what you can expect: On October 24, we’re kicking things off at 9am PT with the Android Dev Summit keynote, where you’ll hear about the latest in Modern Android Development, innovations in our core platform, and how to take advantage of Android’s momentum across devices, including wearables and large screens.

Three Tracks across Three Days: MAD, Form Factors & Platform

Right after the keynote, at 9:50 AM PT, we’ll be broadcasting live the first of three tracks: Modern Android Development (MAD)! Check out the livestream agenda here. You’ll be able to watch technical talks such as: Custom Layouts and Graphics in Compose, State holders and state production in the UI layer, and Making apps blazing fast with Baseline Profiles. You can learn more about all of the MAD talks here.

Then, ADS continues into November, with two more tracks. First, on November 9, ADS travels to London where we’ll broadcast all of the Form Factors technical talks such as Build better UIs across form factors with Android Studio, Deep dive into Wear OS app architecture, and the Do's and Don'ts: Mindset for optimizing apps for large screens. Check out the Form Factors talks here.

Form Factors Track @ Android Dev Summit November 9, 2022 
Sessions: Deep Dive into Wear OS App Architecture, Build Better Uls Across Form Factors with Android Studio, Designing for Large Screens: Canonical Layouts and Visual Hierarchy Compose: Implementing Responsive UI for Large Screens, Creating Helpful Fitness Experiences with Health Services and Health Connect, The Key to Keyboard and Mouse Support across Tablets and ChromeOS Your Camera App on Different Form Factors,  Building Media Apps on Wear OS,  Why and How to Optimize Your App for ChromeOS. 
Broadcast live on & YouTube.And then on November 14 we’ll broadcast our Platform technical talks where you’ll learn about the latest innovations and updates to the Android platform. You’ll be able to watch talks such as Android 13: Migrate your apps, Presenting a high-quality media experience for all users, and Migrating to Billing Library 5 and more flexible subscriptions on Google Play. Get a sneak peak at all the Platform talks here.
Platform Track @ Android Dev Summit November 14, 2022 
Sessions: Migrate Your Apps to Android 13,  Presenting a High-quality Media Experience for all Users, Improving Your Social Experience Quality with Android Camera, Building for a Multilingual World Everything About Storage on Android, Migrate to Play Billing Library 5: More flexible subscriptions on Google Play, Designing a High Quality App with the Latest Android Features, Hardware Acceleration for ML on-device, Demystifying Attestation, Building Accessibility Support for Compose. 
Broadcast live on & YouTube.

Burning question? #AskAndroid to the rescue!

To cap off each of our live streamed tracks, we’ll be hosting a live Q&A – #AskAndroid - for each track topic, so you can get your burning questions answered live by the team who built Android. Post your questions to Twitter or comment in the YouTube livestream using #AskAndroid, for a chance to have your questions answered on the livestream.

We’re so excited for this year’s Android Dev Summit, and we’re looking forward to connecting with you!