From the street to the gallery, and now your Pixel: The new EN MASSE Live Case

Editor’s note: Today’s blog is brought to you by special guest contributor Jason Botkin, director and co-founder of EN MASSE

In 2016, every element of our daily lives can act as a platform for creative expression and engagement, from the clothes we wear to how we style our hair to heck, even our phone cases. This allows us to return to a more authentic spirit of expression, honouring and enhancing the power and potential of human creativity, alongside personal and social transformation through art.

That’s why I am thrilled to introduce the new Artworks Live Case designed by EN MASSE, a multi-artist collaborative drawing project that explores the creation of highly spontaneous, large-scale collaborative black and white drawings and public installations.
To design this Live Case series, we tapped into Montreal’s massively vibrant creative community and brought together seven artists, each with different artistic backgrounds and styles. While many of these artists are schooled in the ‘fine arts’, their heart and minds belong to punk rock, hip hop, cartoons, graffiti, street art and tattoo cultures.

We challenged ourselves to transform our typically large-scale black and white murals into smaller, customizable phone cases. To customize your Live Case, choose from one of the amazing drawings, zoom in and out, and rotate the design.

Each EN MASSE Live Case comes with a companion live wallpaper that rotates between our collection of designs. The shortcut button provides you one-touch access to our work, or can be programmed to open your favorite app.
Video courtesy of Salman Sajun

EN MASSE comes from the French word for “as a whole” or “all together”. Our goal is to create work that can remind people of their dreams: to be strong, to belong, and to be inspired. This exploration of shared creativity allows us to create something larger as a whole that we can do on our own, and is an exact portrait of our deeply human need to be affirmed.

Working with Google allows us to spread this mandate into new and ever-expanding networks, on a much greater scale! By linking a traditional artistic medium with powerful new technologies, like Live Cases, Pixel fans around the world can discover our art and become part of the EN MASSE movement.  

A BIG thank you to the diverse group of artists involved in this project:

To design and purchase your own EN MASSE Artworks Live Case, visit the Google Store. The case is available for $50 (CDN). We’re excited to be launching today alongside other Artworks Live Cases by Jen Stark, Craig & Karl, and Opening Ceremony.

Posted by Guest Blogger Jason Botkin, EN MASSE Director