From the seas, to more ZZZs: Your new Pixel features

The best part of your Pixel is that it keeps getting even more helpful, and even more unique. With regular updates, Pixels get smarter, more capable and more fun. This latest drop is no exception, and includes the ability to easily access and share audio recordings, a new way to use the Pixel Camera app underwater and new wallpapers to celebrate International Women's Day. 


A more shareable Recorder

Whether it’s that guitar riff you've been working on or reviewing transcripts from a class lecture, Recorder makes it easy for Pixel owners to easily record, transcribe (English only) and search the audio moments that matter to you. Now you can share links to your Recorder audio files, so anyone can listen, even if they don’t have a Pixel. At, you can hear recordings, see transcripts and even search through files — you get the entire Recorder playback experience in one shareable link. 

Animated GIF showing Recorder in use.

You can also back up recordings to your Google Account to help keep them safe, and easily access them from any device. See more at


Capture the seas

Now Pixel users can capture the same kinds of high quality images they’re accustomed to above water, and do it underwater without the cumbersome cameras and cases scuba drivers have traditionally used. Pixel camera software engineer, José Ricardo Lima, was scuba diving with his husband in the Philippines when he wondered what it would be like to use his Pixel camera underwater. His idea was to create a custom integration that combined Pixel’s camera with a case made for diving. Now, divers will be able to use their Pixel camera with the Kraken Sports’ Universal Smart Phone Housing to capture marine life and seascapes. Get access to your Pixel’s camera features, including  Night Sight, Portrait Mode, Motion Photos and video directly through Pixel’s Camera app for high-quality images of you and your underwater friends. See for more information. 

A Pixel phone with a photo of a whale on the screen in the camera app.

Photo captured on Pixel 5 using KRH03 Kraken Sports Universal Smart Phone Housing. Kraken Sports is a registered trademark of Kraken Sports Ontario, Canada.

Attention-grabbing graphics

Part of Pixel’s latest drop also includes new wallpapers that celebrate different cultural moments throughout the year with artwork from artists around the world. And for International Women’s Day on March 8, Pixel will add new wallpapers illustrated by Spanish duo Cachetejack, which focus on the strength and transformation of women.
Pixels showing International Women's Day wallpapers.

Adapting to you and your routine

Smart Compose uses machine learning to help you complete your sentences as you type, so sending and replying to messages is easier than ever — and it’s now available for select messaging apps on your Pixel. Smart Compose suggests common phrases to help you cut back on repetitive typing and potential typos. Smart Compose is currently in the U.S. and in English only, and see more at

A Pixel phone using Smart Compose.

Your Pixel can also help you catch more ZZZs with a more seamless bedtime schedule on your Pixel Stand. When you use the bedtime features in Clock with your Pixel Stand, you’ll see a new, updated bedtime screen, along with redesigned notifications to help you ease into sleep. This feature is available on Pixel phones with wireless charging capability: Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 5. Pixel Stand is sold separately.

A Pixel phone using bedtime feature.

For more information on the new features that just dropped and to see phone compatibility, head to And if you’re looking for more helpfulness across your device, check out all of the latest updates announced from Android.    

And as a bonus, we recently announced a new Google Fit feature that allows you to measure your heart rate and respiratory rate using just your phone’s camera. This feature will roll out to Pixel owners next week (and is not intended for medical purposes).