Faster video campaigns with Campaign Manager 360

With online video growing, it’s imperative for brands to deliver relevant video campaigns at scale. In fact, eMarketer predicts that U.S. programmatic Connected TV ad spend will reach $8.67B in 2022.

We recently shared how you can reach streaming audiences on Connected TV using Display & Video 360. Today, we're launching new features in Campaign Manager 360 to help you take further advantage of this massive shift to video.

We’re making it easier for you to set up and measure video campaigns across your entire media plan by automating workflows and offering video-centric trafficking capabilities. We’re also introducing new video measurement capabilities, so you can get the insights you need to make smarter decisions and optimize performance.

Work faster with the new publisher eligibility tool and publisher spec library

One of the most frustrating and time-consuming issues for ad operations teams is receiving a creative asset that doesn’t meet the minimum required specs or creative standards for a particular publisher. For example, the file size might be too low quality to generate necessary transcodes, requiring an entirely new creative. These challenges lead to inefficient workflows and delays in campaign launches.

To automate this process, we’re launching the publisher eligibility tool and publisher spec library in Campaign Manager 360.

The publisher eligibility tool validates the uploaded creative to ensure its attributes meet the minimum requirements for specific publishers. Now you can identify issues before they happen and see exactly what needs to be changed.

The new publisher spec library reduces the manual work needed to convert file formats to align to specific publisher specs. Instead, Campaign Manager 360 will automatically set video transcodes for each placement on your media buy and convert your video files to match each publisher’s creative specifications.

Advertisers and agencies like PMG have been streamlining their QA and video trafficking process with these tools.

The new publisher spec library and publisher eligibility tool in Campaign Manager 360 automated the video trafficking process, allowing us to work faster and focus on driving insights and performance for our clients. Addison Wheeler
Associate Ad Operations Director, PMG

New placement level video duration settings ensure that the length of a video meets the publisher’s duration requirements. In addition, video default ads now support multiple video creatives with different lengths and orientations, making it possible to use default video ads across any video campaign. If the existing video assigned to a placement or publisher can’t run, instead of missing the opportunity, you’ll automatically deliver a default video ad in its place.

Measure video inventory with engaged views and engaged view conversions

Impressions and view-through conversions are key metrics for video campaign performance, but without insights into watch time and viewability, it can be difficult to know exactly how your video ads are driving conversions.

Engaged views and engaged view conversions allow you to define what constitutes a high-quality video impression and measure its impact on both third-party inventory sources and on YouTube.

This helps you determine which video impressions and inventory sources are the most valuable, understand how users engage with your video ads across your media plan, and get deeper insights to drive your business objectives and campaign goals. Please reach out to your account team if you’re interested in these new metrics.

Get consistent measurement with custom viewability metrics for YouTube inventory

Finally, you’ve been asking for a way to get an apples-to-apples comparison of campaign performance for YouTube and other video sources. We’re adding the ability to set custom viewability metrics on YouTube inventory in Campaign Manager 360 so you can consistently measure viewability across different inventory.

With a simplified video campaign setup and more comprehensive video measurement, Campaign Manager 360 helps you to better reach your audience with relevant video ads at scale.