Explore New Data With The Interactive Travel Dashboard

Wherever travelers go, they're online. Whether planning a trip, navigating a new city, or sharing vacation memories, they turn to the web, using whatever device is at hand. This has completely reshaped the path to purchase, creating many moments of intent. 

Our new interactive travel dashboard uses Google data to show just when those moments happen and how travelers search. Each quarter, we'll be updating the tool to show the latest trends across the car rental, air, and hotel categories so you can plan for the season ahead.

One big trend to watch, as always, is how travelers use smartphones to plan trips. As of March 2015, mobile searches are up 32% YoY for air travel—and 39% YoY for hotels. But the data doesn't just show how people are searching—it also shows where they are looking to go. The top itinerary in summer 2014? Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

For more valuable stats and insights, explore the interactive travel dashboard on Think with Google.