Enjoy hands free help from Google at LEGOLAND hotels

If you're planning to travel this Fall and enjoy some time off with the family, you're also doing everything you can to have fun while still protecting your health. To help make guests feel more comfortable and safe, and have a more engaging experience during their hotel stay, we worked with the hospitality industry and Volara last year to introduce a hands-free, voice-first experience with Google Assistant on Nest Hub smart displays. 

Our hotel solutions are already available in thousands of hotel rooms in the U.S. and U.K., and is now available in all guest rooms at both LEGOLAND® Hotel and LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel at LEGOLAND® California Resort, and the new LEGOLAND® Hotel at LEGOLAND® New York Resort. 

Here are 10 things visitors will be able to do with Google Assistant on Nest Hub smart displays at LEGOLAND® Hotels: 

1. Find help right away from hotel staff by asking “Hey Google, call the front desk” or just say “Hey Google, bring me fresh towels.” You can even check out of the room with just your voice. There’s no more need to handle the phone or stand in long lines at front desk. 

2. Stay entertained. Nest Hubs come with nice speakers, so you can ask Google to play music or listen to the news. 

3. Get park information by saying “Hey Google, what time does LEGOLAND® open?” or “Hey Google, tell me about the theme park.”

Picture of family using the Google Assistant on Nest Hub smart display insider their LEGOLAND hotel room

“I want to push the envelope on extending the theme park experience in the room with the Nest Hubs” — James Barton, Group Head of Business Transformation, Hotels, Merlin Entertainment (LEGOLAND®)

4. Speak directly with your favorite LEGOLAND® characters inside your room. Just ask the Jester to set up a LEGO® alarm and get info about the park. 

5. Receive recommendations for local restaurants from the hotel’s concierge, or you can ask Google what activities are nearby. Try “Hey Google, can you recommend a place for breakfast?” 

6. Take a YouTube tour of the LEGOLAND® theme park before your visit on Nest Hub, so you can make a beeline for your favorite rides — like the Dragon coaster! 

7. Wake up on time. No need to mess around with knobs or settings. Just say “Hey Google, set a LEGO® alarm for 8 a.m.,” so you get the day started early. 

8. Check the weather again before you head out of the hotel with “Hey Google, what’s the weather today at LEGOLAND®  California Resort.”

9. Let Assistant be your interpreter for up to 30 languages, which is a great feature for international guests. Just say, “Hey Google, be my Italian interpreter” to kick off the experience.

10. And remember, we’re also dedicated to protecting privacy. You won’t need to sign into the device, and no activity will be linked to your personal account. There’s no camera on the Nest Hub, and the physical mic switch can be turned off for additional privacy. No audio is ever stored, and any activities will be automatically wiped from the device when it’s reset for the next guest.

Our voice-first, hands-free hotel solution is a big plus for travelers right now and will make your stay at LEGOLAND® Hotels more convenient and fun.