Digital Inclusion is for everyone. Join us at the 2021 Net Inclusion Conference!

It’s been nearly a year since many businesses and schools began working from home because of the COVID pandemic. And while many of us have learned new ways to use technology and the internet to keep in touch (while staying apart), many families are still facing challenges accessing the resources and tools they need to work or study online. Digital inclusion is key to creating a more equitable world, and Google Fiber continues to work with organizations across the country to address this challenge.

Since 2016, the National Digital Inclusion Alliance’s (NDIA) has hosted the Net Inclusion Conference annually, bringing together digital inclusion practitioners, advocates, academics, businesses, and policymakers to share their knowledge and learn from one another. This conference has been a consistent catalyst for innovation and best practices across the digital inclusion community, and Google Fiber is proud to support Net Inclusion again this year. This time the conference will feature a new virtual format over a series of weeks rather than concentrated into just a few days, which will allow even more people to participate.

The 2021 Net Inclusion Conference series includes eight one-hour webinars, every Wednesday from April 7th through May 26th. These webinars are open to any and all advocates, policy makers, academics and boots-on-the-ground folks who want to learn more and help expand the conversation around digital inclusion. We hope some of you’ll join us! If you are interested, register here.

Posted by Daniel Lucio, Community Impact Manager


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