Developer Advocates offer up their favorite Google Cloud NEXT 17 sessions

Here at Google Cloud, we employ a small army of developer advocates, DAs for short, who are out on the front lines at conferences, at customer premise, or on social media, explaining our technologies and communicating back to people like me and our product teams about your needs as a member of a development community.

DAs take the responsibility of advocating for developers seriously, and have spent time poring over the extensive Google Cloud Next '17 session catalog, bookmarking the talks that will benefit you. To wit:
  • If you’re a developer working in Ruby, you know to turn to Aja Hammerly for all things Ruby/Google Cloud Platform (GCP)-related. Aja’s top pick for Rubyists at Next is Google Cloud Platform < 3 Ruby with Google Developer Program Engineer Remi Taylor, but there are other noteworthy mentions on her personal blog.
  • Mete Atamel is your go-to DA for all things Windows on GCP. Selfishly, his top Next session is his own about running ASP.NET apps on GCP, but he has plenty more suggestions for you to choose from
  • Groovy nut Guillaume Laforge is going to be one busy guy at Next, jumping from between sessions about PaaS, serverless and containers, to name a few. Here’s his full list of his must-see sessions
  • If you’re a game developer, let Mark Mandel be your guide. Besides co-presenting with Rob Whitehead, CTO of Improbable, Mark has bookmarked sessions about location-based gaming, using GPUs and game analytics. Mosy on over to his personal blog for the full list.
  • In the past year, Google Apps Script has opened the door to building amazing customizations for G Suite, our communication and collaboration platform. In this G Suite Developers blog post, Wesley Chun walks you through some of the cool Apps Script sessions, as well as sessions about App Maker and some nifty G Suite APIs. 
  • Want to attend sessions that teach you about our machine learning services? That’s where you’ll find our hands-on ML expert Sara Robinson, who in addition to recommending her favorite Next sessions, also examines her talk from last year’s event using Cloud Natural Language API. 
For my part, I’m really looking forward to Day 3, which we’re modeling after my favorite open source conferences thanks to Sarah Novotny’s leadership. We’ll have a carefully assembled set of open talks on Kubernetes, TensorFlow and Apache Beam that cover the technologies, how to contribute, the ecosystems around them and small group discussions with the developers. For a full list of keynotes, bootcamps and breakout sessions, check out the schedule and reserve your spot.