Denmark’s "Borgen" goes live on Street View

After scaling Swiss mountains and roaring along the new Sochi Formula One race track in recent weeks, StreetView has broken new ground in Europe by launching collection of one of the world’s most interesting political monuments - going inside the Danish parliament Borgen. Our cameras combed the Copenhagen icon’s halls and brought its extensive art collection to the world on our Art Project.

Since the 15th century, the address in the center of Copenhagen has been home to various castles and palaces which ruled the Danish Kingdom, regardless of whether the power was executed by hereditary kings or elected politicians.

Its most famous occupant, arguably, is the cool modern Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg. She is not a real politician, but the fictional Prime Minister played by actress Sidse Babett Knudsen in the popular Danish political TV series "Borgen." All of us now get the possibility to enjoy the same view as the politicians speaking at the podium. Look closely and you might even find the secret stock of the licorice hidden behind the parliament chairman’s desk.

This project required 18 months of hard work. Credit first goes to Liberal MP Michael Aastrup Jensen, who suggested to the Parliament that the Parliament itself should open up to the world. Negotiations followed with the local copyright association to secure rights to film the Parliament art collections. Some 89 pieces are showcased in the Art Project exhibition. Talks also were needed with the security services to win their approval.

In the end, everyone saw the benefits of putting Borgen online. Please enjoy and explore.