Cultural Pit-Stops: making hours of boring travel time fly by

Ever noticed how summer holidays never seem to come quickly enough? We plan our journey ahead with chills of excitement, eagerly choosing which swimsuits will make it into our suitcase or dreaming of days blurring into long naps and lemonade-sipping, counting down the moments until we can finally hit the road. But then the long-awaited day arrives and time shifts as hours seem to stretch long while we wait to board a plane, travel hundreds of kilometers or miles by car (sometimes with kids or pets) or embark on multiple train rides. How can we make it go faster?

Google Arts & Culture and its partners have got you covered with Cultural Pit-Stops: a series of fun and educative activities you can do alone or with a group to help speed up time while you travel.

A collage of a man standing next to a map of Spain

1. If you’re watching the clock tick before hopping on your next train/plane/bus...

Enjoy a series of videos and experiences like Spin the Globe for your first stop, continue your journey across the world with celebrities, or just relax and stop frantically checking the departure board at the station or airport. And if you’re stuck in a car, we have something for you whether you are sitting in the driver’s orpassenger’sseat.

4 colorful blobs singing in front of a red curtain

2. If your kids start to act up in the back of the car:

Traveling with children can literally be a headache but virtual baby-sitters like the Blobs or Hopper the Penguin may just save your journey by helping you keep your littles ones busy and focused as you create a song or explore a museum together.

An Image of the Angkor Wat with a groups of monks wearing orange tunics

3. If conversation is running dry with your fellow travel companions:

Why not test your knowledge of cinema pioneers  or famous monuments? You may well become your group’s next culture champion and, if not, you can always put your headphones on and learn more about Frida’s Self Portrait or Gauguin’s Vahine. Tip: this also works for endless walks with your in-laws or that old uncle you haven’t seen in years.

If this intense cultural journey has left you exhausted, you can always squeeze in one last selfie — but make it artsy

And just like that, you’ve arrived at your destination. Happy holidays. 

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