Create a search engine with types

We are happy to announce the integration of Google Custom Search with the standard. is a structured data markup schema including a shared markup schema vocabulary that is supported by major search providers. This integration enables you to create powerful and expressive topical search engines by simply specifying types in your Google Custom Search Engine definition. 

How would you go about using this new feature? Say you are the webmaster of a site about movies. You might want to create a movie search engine that can search for pages about movies either from your website, your affiliated websites or from the millions of sites that use Achieving this functionality is now only a click away thanks to the integration of Google Custom Search with All you have to do is add the schema type “Movie” to your Custom Search Engine definition, as shown below, and you’re done! Users of your movie search engine will then only see result pages that have the “Movie” schema annotation.

You can even refine search engines with other advanced search features. For example, you might make an engine for pages that describe, with a country restriction of "France", or a language restriction of "French".

To know more about creating Custom Search Engines with types, visit our developer documentation.

Posted by: Neelesh Bodas, Custom Search Engine team.