Compute Engine machine types with up to 64 vCPUs now ready for your production workloads

Today, we're happy to announce general availability for our largest virtual machine shapes, including both predefined and custom machine types, with up to 64 virtual CPUs and 416 GB of memory.

64 vCPU machine types are available on our Haswell, Broadwell and Skylake (currently in Alpha) generation Intel processor host machines.

Tim Kelton, co-founder and Cloud Architect of Descartes Labs, an early adopter of our 64 vCPU machine types, had this to say:
"Recently we used the 64 vCPU instances during the building of both our global composite imagery layers and GeoVisual Search. In both cases, our parallel processing jobs needed tens of thousands of CPU hours to complete the task. The new 64 vCPU instances allow us to work across more satellite imagery scenes simultaneously on a single instance, dramatically speeding up our total processing times."
The new 64 core machines are available for use today. If you're new to GCP and want to give these larger virtual machines a try, it’s easy to get started with our $300 credit for 12 months.