Code the Road: New York Developer Meetup Recap

For our last developer meetup of Code the Road, we were thrilled to be in New York City. We had a great time in the Big Apple visiting with over 200 local developers at our Google New York office on June 18 as well as all of the New York passersby who stopped to take a look inside the bus. We had everyone from a 5 year old boy who was very excited to see Street View imagery of the pyramids to developers joining us for the meetup tour our bus.

Ankur Kotwal, Developer Advocate at Google, kicked off the night with a great talk about using Google Maps APIs in your iOS or Android App, presenting Maps Zen patterns to help your apps shine.

We welcomed Chase Brammer, Head of iFit Product Development, back to the stage—coming all the way from Utah to give a talk about how Icon Fitness uses the Maps APIs to make workouts more interesting. He did this all while walking on a treadmill. Pretty impressive!

Aurelia Moser, Map Scientist from CartoDB, delivered a presentation titled 'Hi-Res Human Maps: Google Maps APIs via CartoDB.' She gave us interesting insights on everything from designing maps to maps mashup.

David McClusky, Solutions Architect, Google Maps for Work, outlined how we can be best prepared for our Maps to go viral by building in them on Google Cloud Platform.
Rounding out the night, Kedar Sarmalker, Mobile Engineer at TripAdvisor, gave a great talk on how TripAdvisor uses custom markers, polygons, styling and Google Maps APIs in their mobile app.

After the presentations we had a great time speaking with and learning from all the developers who attended the meetup.

We'll be sharing more about our trip over the next few days including our visit to Epcot. The bus was parked at Future World West on Friday June 26.

Posted by Ashley Smith, Developer Marketing, Google Maps APIs