Code the Road: Hitting the Road with Harley-Davidson

Monday, June 8, was a great day in Milwaukee at Harley-Davidson where we met with the local H.O.G, chapters for a motorcycle ride to the Harley-Davidson Museum across town. We stopped in Milwaukee on our road trip with our Code the Road bus to celebrate the great work Harley-Davidson has done building the Harley-Davidson Ride Planner app using the Google Maps APIs.

Upon arriving in Milwaukee, we were greeted by the most accommodating and friendly group of people as we lined up for our ride through the streets of Milwaukee. Although a rainy start, our riders didn’t let it dampen their spirits as we were led by some of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world. As far as we could see was a line of motorcycles leading the bus to the Harley-Davidson Museum—expertly escorted by Milwaukee police officers.

We captured some great footage of the ride from above with our drone and attached camera.

Our ride ended at the Harley-Davidson museum with tours of the Code the Road bus, a fun band, and refreshments for all the riders. We had local press outlets in attendance as well as many tourists visiting the museum. It was great to see the bus and the bikers that joined us on the local news channels that evening.

The team had a blast driving a beautiful blue 2015 Softail Slim Harley-Davidson on a stationary treadmill and we even got to check out Harley-Davidson’s very first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire.

Our Code the Road postcard station is still going strong and we are enjoying seeing everyone send postcards home to document their visit to the bus.

We’re rolling on and headed to New York. Don’t forget to signup for our New York Developer Meetup on Thursday, June 18.

Posted by Ed Boiling, Solutions Architect, Google Maps for Work