Changes to conversion columns in AdWords API and Scripts

What's changing?
We are introducing restrictions on certain combinations of conversion columns in AdWords API and Google Ads scripts reports. If your reporting queries include these column combinations, you need to fix your queries before Feb 15, 2021.

Technical details
Starting the week of Feb 15, 2021, you will receive a ReportDefinitionError.INVALID_FIELD_NAME_FOR_REPORT error if your AdWords API report request contains columns from both of the restricted column sets listed below. Similarly, calls to the method in Google Ads scripts will fail for queries with these restricted column combinations.

Restricted conversion columns:
  • ConversionAdjustment
  • ConversionAdjustmentLagBucket
  • ConversionAttributionEventType
  • ConversionCategoryName
  • ConversionLagBucket
  • ConversionTrackerId
  • ConversionTypeName
Metrics columns:
  • AllConversionRate
  • ConversionRate
  • CostPerAllConversion
  • CostPerConversion
  • CostPerCurrentModelAttributedConversion
The ReportDefinitionService.getReportFields method will reflect these restrictions in the exclusiveFields list of each impacted column.

What should you do?
Before Feb 15, 2021, review and modify the reporting queries in your AdWords API and Google Ads scripts applications to stop using the prohibited column combinations.

Why is this changing?
These column combinations are currently disallowed by the Google Ads UI, Google Ads Editor and the Google Ads API. This change makes the AdWords API and Google Ads scripts behaviour consistent with the rest of the Google Ads platform.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us via the forum.