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Changes to conversion columns in AdWords API and Scripts

What's changing?
We are introducing restrictions on certain combinations of conversion columns in AdWords API and Google Ads scripts reports. If your reporting queries include these column combinations, you need to fix your queries before Feb 15, 2021.

Technical details
Starting the week of Feb 15, 2021, you will receive a ReportDefinitionError.INVALID_FIELD_NAME_FOR_REPORT error if your AdWords API report request contains columns from both of the restricted column sets listed below. Similarly, calls to the AdsApp.report method in Google Ads scripts will fail for queries with these restricted column combinations.

Restricted conversion columns:
  • ConversionAdjustment
  • ConversionAdjustmentLagBucket
  • ConversionAttributionEventType
  • ConversionCategoryName
  • ConversionLagBucket
  • ConversionTrackerId
  • ConversionTypeName
Metrics columns:
  • AllConversionRate
  • ConversionRate
  • CostPerAllConversion
  • CostPerConversion
  • CostPerCurrentModelAttributedConversion
The ReportDefinitionService.getReportFields method will reflect these restrictions in the exclusiveFields list of each impacted column.

What should you do?
Before Feb 15, 2021, review and modify the reporting queries in your AdWords API and Google Ads scripts applications to stop using the prohibited column combinations.

Why is this changing?
These column combinations are currently disallowed by the Google Ads UI, Google Ads Editor and the Google Ads API. This change makes the AdWords API and Google Ads scripts behaviour consistent with the rest of the Google Ads platform.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us via the forum.

Live Webinar: Website Conversions & Audience Remarketing

The Google Ads API Developer Relations team will be hosting a live webinar, Website Conversions & Audience Remarketing with the Google Ads API, on December 11 at 10 AM EST (3 PM GMT).

Mark your calendar

In order to get the most out of this webinar, we suggest you develop a basic understanding of the Google Ads API. In order to learn more, please visit our API Overview documentation or check out this Google Ads API Overview workshop from 2019. In addition, you may find this post useful to learn how conversion tracking works in Google Ads.

The webinar will cover the topics below and include code walkthroughs to demonstrate how to perform different actions with the Google Ads API client libraries. We will also be hosting a live Q&A at the end.
  • What conversion actions are
  • How to create and utilize conversion actions
  • How remarketing works in the Google Ads API
  • How to define different audience types
  • How to measure audience performance
Feel free to add the event to your calendar. In addition, you can set a reminder for the event on YouTube by clicking the “Set reminder” button on the YouTube event page.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge of the Google Ads API with you and answering your questions. If you have any questions or need additional help, contact us via the forum or at [email protected]

Google Ads conversion reporting issues starting April 9

Update (April 10, 2020 19:35 PST): Conversion data in all reports has been fixed.

An issue that impacted Google Ads reporting for Search and Shopping conversions occurring between April 9 and April 10 (Pacific Time) for advertisers using non-last click attribution models has been fixed and the data is now correct in all reports.
If you downloaded any of the fields in the table below or any derivative custom columns using the AdWords API, Google Ads API and Google Ads scriptsbetween April 9th 8:00 PM PST and April 10th 7:20 PM PST, you may have incorrect data in your systems. Please re-download the affected fields to ensure accurate conversions reporting.
We appreciate your patience as we worked to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

AdWords API Google Ads API beta

On April 9, 2020 at approximately 8pm PST, a bug caused Google Ads Search and Shopping conversions occurring between April 9 12:01 AM PST onwards to be underreported for advertisers using non-last click attribution models. This bug impacts reports in all Google Ads interfaces, including any report data downloaded via the AdWords API, Google Ads API and Google Ads scripts. Google Ads bid strategies are not impacted by this issue.
We are actively working on fixing the bug and correcting the conversion data.

- Josh Radcliff, Google Ads API Team

Deprecation of assisted-conversions reporting fields

Starting September 10, 2018, AdWords API and AdWords scripts reports will start returning no values (two dashes) for the following assisted-conversions fields for all API versions: Why are we deprecating these reporting fields?
Often, the last click before a conversion gets all the credit. But along the way, other clicks and impressions might have guided your customers toward that conversion. Previously, assisted-conversions reporting fields were created to give conversions to the clicks and impressions that assisted in such a scenario. However, it’s still not easy to compare those conversion values between campaigns, ad groups, and keywords, as conversion metrics are double-counted and not normalized.

With the advent of attribution models that allow you to assign fractional credits to multiple clicks that contribute to conversions, you can now distribute credits among many clicks in a way that they can be summed up to 1.00. Conversion reporting fields, such as Conversions, AllConversions, and CrossDeviceConversions, are now returned based on the fractional-credit model, so please migrate to those reporting fields instead.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please post on our forum.

User experience tips to help you design your app to engage users and drive conversions

By Jenny Gove, Senior Staff UX Researcher, Google Play

We know you work hard to acquire users and grow your customer base, which can be challenging in a crowded market. That's why we've heard from many of you that you find tools like store listing experiments and universal app campaigns are valuable. It's equally important to keep customers engaged from the beginning. Great design and delightful user experiences are fundamental to doing just that.

We partnered with AnswerLab to conduct comprehensive user experience research across a variety of verticals; including e-commerce, insurance, travel, food ordering, ticket sales and services, and financial management. The resulting insights may help you increase engagement and conversion by providing guidance on useful and usable functionality.

The best app experiences seamlessly guide users through their tasks with efficient navigation, search, forms, registration and purchasing. They provide great e-commerce facilities and integrate effective ordering and payment systems. Ultimately, an engaging app begins with attention to usability in all of these areas. Learn tips on:

  • Navigation & Exploration
  • In-App Search
  • Commerce & Conversions
  • Registration
  • Form Entry
  • Usability and Comprehension

You can read the full article, design your app to drive conversions, on the Android Developers website, complete with links to developer resources. Also get the Playbook for Developers app to stay up-to-date with features and best practices that will help you grow a successful business on Google Play.

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Android Developer Story: Wallapop improves user conversions with store listing experiments on Google Play

Posted by Lily Sheringham, Developer Marketing, Google Play
Wallapop is a mobile app developer based in Barcelona, Spain. The app provides a platform to users for selling and buying things to others nearby in a virtual flea market by using geolocalization. Wallapop now has over 70% of their user base on Android.

Watch Agus Gomez, Co-Founder & CEO, and Marta Gui, Growth Hacking Manager, explain how using store listing experiments has increased their conversion rate by 17%, and has allowed them to optimize organic installs.

Learn more about store listing experiments. Get the Playbook for Developers app to stay up-to-date with more features and best practices that will help you grow a successful business on Google Play.

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Changes to Conversion-related stats in AdWords Scripts

We are making two changes related to how various conversion-related stats are retrieved in AdWords Scripts.

New methods for Conversion stats

We are reintroducing two methods in the AdWordsApp.​Statsand MccApp.​ManagedAccountStatsclasses to work with Conversions.

Note: Since Conversions is a stat of type Double, the equality operators (= and !=) won’t work with these new methods when using the withCondition filters or comparing values in code. Instead, you need to use comparison operators like < and >or round Conversions off to an Integer.

Sunsetting ConvertedClicks

As part of sunsetting Converted clicks in AdWords, we are deprecating the getConvertedClicks()and getClickConversionRate()methods in the AdWordsApp.​Statsand MccApp.​ManagedAccountStatsclasses. These methods will be sunset on February 21, 2017.

If your scripts use these methods, update them to use the new Conversion stats methods if applicable before February 21, 2017 to ensure they continue to work.

If you have any questions about these changes please reply to this email or post them on our developer forum and we'll be glad to help you.