Changes to ClickType field compatibility in AdWords API & Scripts Reports

We are marking the ClickType column in AdWords API and Scripts reports as incompatible with the following engagement and video-related fields in version v201607 and earlier:
  • AverageCpe
  • EngagementRate
  • VideoQuartile25Rate
  • VideoQuartile50Rate
  • VideoQuartile75Rate
  • VideoQuartile100Rate
  • VideoViews
  • VideoViewRate
  • AverageCpv
These fields refer to engagement and video view interactions, and aren’t compatible with the ClickType column, a click interaction metric. This restriction is already enforced in v201609 reports, see our migration guide for more details.

Starting Dec 1, 2016, you will get a ReportDefinitionError.INVALID_FIELD_NAME_FOR_REPORT error if ClickType column is requested with any of these fields.

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