Celebrating ads people chose to watch in 2013

We know it's already been a big week for reflecting back on 2013 on YouTube. But with the year fast coming to a close, we wanted to shine the light a little bit brighter on the great work done by brands.

Remember those adorable dancing babies? Or that time Usher was thrown through a high-rise window? And who could we forget the car salesman threatening to kill a disguised Jeff Gordon?

2013 was a year in which brands re-invented ads on YouTube - by making ads people chose to watch. And as a result these ads became bigger than ever, and helped shape cultural moments throughout the year.

To celebrate this amazing year, and gear up for what's sure to be an even bigger 2014, we put together a recap of some of the top brand moments from 2013:

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Posted by David Kagan & Jim Habig, Product Marketing Managers, YouTube