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Announcing the Search Central Live Mexico roadshow

Search Central Live is coming to Ciudad de México on November 7. The event will have a mix of presenters from the Google Search, News, and Partnership teams. The content will be delivered in Spanish and English (with live translation to Spanish). Check more details about speakers, agenda, and how to sign up to the event.

How Google Search handles multilingual searches

In many countries and regions around the world, people commonly speak and search in more than one language. To best serve them, Google uses a variety of ways to automatically determine what is the best language or languages to show search results in. This post highlights some aspects that Google Search considers, and options to use when searching.

Site names on Google Search now available for all languages

Last October, site names were introduced on mobile results for select languages, which expanded to desktop in March. Today, we're happy to announce that site names are now available in all languages where Google Search is available, on both mobile and desktop. Site names are supported for domains (for example, and subdomains (for example, but not for subdirectories (for example,

The comedy of errors

Every now and then we get questions about errors that we may have shown for sites in Search Console, and every now and then we encounter folks who seem to be confused about where an error came from. This is understandable: there are many issues that can arise when accessing websites, but all of them, without exception, map to a certain system that makes the access possible. In this illustrated short story we will try to shed some light on the errors and perhaps make them look a little less scary. Let's dig in!

Sitemaps ping endpoint is going away

The Sitemaps Protocol was introduced in 2005 to help search engines with the discovery of new URLs, and also to help with scheduling new crawls of already discovered URLs. It's a wildly popular protocol that hasn't changed for over 15 years. While the general idea is still useful, some aspects have become less practical in today's internet.

To that end, we're announcing deprecation of the sitemaps 'ping' endpoint and providing additional recommendations for the use of the lastmod element.