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Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index

Video mode now only show pages where video is the main content

Earlier this year, we made a change to only show video thumbnails next to results on the main Google Search results page when the video is the main content of a page. Today, we're extending this change to search results in Video mode to better connect users with the video content they're looking for (rather than having to comb through a page to find that video). This change will start rolling out today, and it could take up to a week to complete.

Expanding markup support for Organization details, including Logo structured data

Since 2013, Google has supported logo structured data, which recognizes two Organization fields: logo and url. Today we're expanding our support for organizational information by extracting additional administrative data such as name, address, contact information, and various business identifiers. You can continue to provide the logo and url fields to specify which image we use as your logo in Google search results.

New in structured data: discussion forum and profile page markup

Today we're announcing support for profile page and discussion forum structured data for use in Google Search, including new reports in Search Console. This markup works with Google Search features that are designed to show first-person perspectives from social media platforms, forums, and other communities.