Bring Hash Code to your university this February

Calling all student leaders! Want to host a fun, technical event for developers at your university this February? Maybe we can help.
Hash Code is Google’s team programming competition and is back for another year of challenging developers to tackle engineering challenges inspired by real Google products and problems. Previous challenges have ranged from optimizing video streaming on YouTube to scheduling rides for self-driving cars. The 2020 Online Qualification Round will take place on February 20. From there, top teams will be invited to Google Ireland in April to face off in the Final Round.

How can you get involved? Registration to compete in Hash Code opens in early January, but you can sign up to organize a hub at right now! You might be wondering...what exactly is a hub? Hubs are volunteer-organized meetups where teams from the same university, office, or programming club can come together to compete in the Online Qualification Round. Last year, more than 700 hubs were organized by developer communities around the world!
Why host a hub at your university?
  1. Hubs add extra excitement to the competition. We’ll create a separate scoreboard for your hub, so your hub’s teams can see how they stack up against each other. You can also tune in to the Hash Code livestream from your hub and listen together as the challenge is shared and the results are announced.
  2. Hubs are a great way to connect with other developers. Hash Code offers technical Google content that is suitable for developers of all skill levels. Whether you’re looking to grow a developer community at your university, or run an event for a well-established Computer Science club or society, there is something for everyone in a Hash Code challenge (see all past challenges here).
  3. Fun! Sure Hash Code is a competition, but it’s also about having fun...and what’s more fun than tackling a challenge alongside friends?

Learn more and apply to host a hub today at We’ll see you again in early January when we open registration.