Brandon Gonez launches new YouTube series to spotlight and export Canadian stories to the world

Editor’s Note: On January 17, media personality Brandon Gonez is launching a new, weekly, made-for-YouTube series “The Brandon Gonez Show”. Watch the preview here, and subscribe here.

We’ve been watching Brandon Gonez’s star rise for some time, enamored with his so-called “Brandon-isms”. So when we got the scoop that he was launching a new, made-for-YouTube show, we had to know everything. Read on for our (socially distant) chat with Brandon.

Congratulations on the upcoming launch of The Brandon Gonez Show! Fans across Canada loved watching you on-air in your previous roles. What can viewers expect from this show?

It’s going to be a one-stop shop to get the news and entertainment that people need. Me and my team created the show because we wanted a platform in Canada where viewers can get information in the most authentic, genuine and honest way possible. We don’t want this show to be scripted. We want it to be a genuine place where we share information and make people laugh in a really natural way. This show will be a genuine place where viewers will feel like they’re talking to their best friend.

Your show is going to be four different segments - tell us about them.

We’re really excited about how we’re going to create stories, and our whole team has a special, unique love for each segment.
Segment 1: News you can use. This segment will be the need-to-know stories of the week. It may also include interesting stories that mainstream media may not have covered. We want to be the source that shares information that you can’t find anywhere else.

Segment 2: Open + Honest. This is what we call our chameleon segment, where we’ll explore hot topics in-depth, things like the issues facing the BIPOC community. We’ll connect and source expert opinions, and dig into how these issues affect Canadians across the country. Or it might be a celebrity interview of someone making waves that week, looking to have an open and honest conversation.

Segment 3: Your Voice. We step out of the studio for this one, into the streets around the GTA. It will be a community expression, where people are driving the story. We’re really excited about this one, and don’t know who we’re going to find. Every single neighbourhood is different and authentic, and we want to tell those stories. We have some strong partnerships at play that will help us travel beyond Ontario to also meet Canadians across the country. With this segment, we really want Canadians to be exposed to different places. We’re the second largest country in land mass, but our population is so spread out. We hope this helps people get a glimpse of what life is like in other parts. We think people are really going to latch on to these stories, it will be the first time people see their community represented in the realest way possible.

Segment 4: Good News. This is the part of the show that will keep you smiling, and make you feel good. In 2020 we saw more than ever the need for good news, as we bore witness to racial injustice, and ongoing information about the global pandemic. There’s a lot of negativity and concern right now. We want to leave people with positivity and authentic good news stories. We welcome anyone to pitch us feel-good stories - by DM or even by email - [email protected]. I can’t wait to read through them.

This all sounds awesome - but you must have a favourite. Which segment are you most excited about?

I have a special love for each segment because they're all so unique and will each deliver something special. If I had to choose I’d pick Your Voice. When we launch the show, we want viewers to know that this isn’t about me. This is about our collective voice. The only way this show will succeed is if people are well-reflected in what we bring to the screen.

Where are you hoping for this show to go, and why YouTube?

We want the show to go global - worldwide. There is so much talent, so many stories waiting to be told in this country. Growing up, I remember if you wanted to make it big you had to go south [to the United States]. I always wondered - why? Why do we have to leave our country to be discovered? We want this show to be a platform that exports Canadian talent and culture to other parts of the world.

And that’s where YouTube comes in. We picked YouTube because it was a perfect marriage between our goals and our content. No other platform can provide a worldwide audience like YouTube. You can be in Canada, Zimbabwe, England, South Africa, or Uruguay, and you have access to YouTube. It connects the world in ways we’ve never seen before. That makes me so excited about the potential of this programming. It makes me jump out of bed every morning.

Do you think that global viewers will enjoy these uniquely Canadian stories?

I do - Canada is a country of immigrants, we have people from all walks of life. We have this mosaic of people that are living together, and interacting in this ecosystem. And for many people, it’s a unique thing. We’re going to uncover and tell stories on how things are going - most of the time it’s going well, but not all the time. This is a learning project, where we’ll put a microscope on our stories and our issues.

Ok, so if readers can’t wait till Sunday, are there any teasers you can share in advance of launch?

If the people reading this know me, they know I stay unscripted, and I will remain unscripted.

So we can expect to see some more of your viral moments?

[Laughs] Absolutely!