Better data, better decisions: Enhanced Ecommerce boosts shopping analytics

Earlier this week, we announced the beta launch of Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics. It's a complete revamp of our ecommerce analytics, designed to provide richer insights into pre-purchase shopping behavior and into product performance.

“With Enhanced Ecommerce our clients can immediately gain clear insight into the most important metrics about shopper behavior and conversion: what products are viewed, where they are viewed, when they are added to carts, how the checkout process works and where customers get lost, and even details like payment methods.”
- Caleb Whitmore, CEO of Analytics Pros

Enhanced Ecommerce is designed to keep pace with the remarkable rise of online retail, which grew another 30% year over year in 2013. Digital data has played an essential role in that growth, offering deep insights into shopper behavior and letting retailers make smarter decisions. But needs are rapidly increasing and retailers are requiring more sophisticated and comprehensive analysis tools to understand shoppers and product-level performance. With the launch of Enhanced Ecommerce, we’re providing these tools.

“Enhanced Ecommerce will help us to overcome many challenges. As an example, I'm looking at a report that indicates a 74.4% checkout abandonment rate.  That insight is shockingly simple: over 7 out of 10 people that add something to the cart and start to checkout don't complete it! This is the kind of data that can drive change more readily than, say, simple conversion rates for e-commerce orders.”
 - Caleb Whitmore, CEO of Analytics Pros

Enhanced Ecommerce is built on top of the powerful Universal Analytics foundation. It includes tracking code updates (including full support for Google Tag Manager), data model changes, and new end-user reports that address ecommerce-specific use cases. Together they help online retailers see farther and understand customers better than ever before. 

Get deeper insights
  • Analyze how far shoppers get in the shopping funnel and where they drop off. 
  • Understand which products are viewed most, which are frequently abandoned in cart and which ones convert well. 
  • Upload rich product metadata to slice and dice your data.
  • Create rich user segments to delve deeper into your users’ shopping behavior and the products they interact with.

Optimize your site 
  • Create product lists for onsite merchandising rules and product landing pages to see which lists and products are best at driving customer engagement.
  • Analyze how internal promotions impact sales, and act immediately on the results.
  • With retailers reporting average on-site conversion rates of around 2.7%, even small improvements can have a big impact.
Close the loop
  • With refund support, Google Analytics now covers the entire shopping lifecycle.
  • Import user segments, based on ecommerce activity, for targeting in your remarketing campaigns.
In the chart below, see an example of how the new reports can benefit your business. You can create segments directly from the funnel reports to analyze abandoned cart sessions. See which products were abandoned and which devices to target to recapture those users. This data allows you to take immediate action. 
Shopping behavior funnel report. Use the table to analyze by any session level dimension
Enhanced Ecommerce is all about the bottom line. We've designed it to help you improve your total experience and turn more shoppers into buyers.

Learn more
Sign up today for the new Analytics Academy course on Enhanced Ecommerce! Or come learn more at Internet Retailer Conference Exhibition on June 12; Google’s Jesse Nichols will present Enhanced Ecommerce live. 

You can find more information on getting started with Enhanced Ecommerce in our Help Center and Developer site.  

Happy Analyzing!

Post by: Marcia Jung, Product Manager, Google Analytics