Belgium, Meet Android Pay

Whether you’re doing your daily shopping or heading for a night out, your Android phone is all you need as you walk out the door – thanks to Android Pay. Starting today, Android Pay is available in Belgium, helping you pay simply and securely with your Android phone. It’s the 10th country in the world to benefit from Android Pay.

You will be able to use Android Pay at more than 85.000 retail locations throughout Belgium that accept contactless payments. This includes your favourite shops like Carrefour, McDonald’s, Media Markt, H&M, and much more – take a look here for more places where you can use Android Pay.
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How does Android Pay work?

Using Android Pay is simple. Just wake up your phone (you don’t even have to open an app or unlock it), hold it to the payment terminal, and voilà — your payment is done. After you check out, you’ll get helpful information on your phone about your recent transactions.
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Android Pay will also let you breeze through checkout when you shop in your favorite mobile apps. There’s no need to enter your payment or address details every time. Look for the Android Pay purchase button in apps like Deliveroo, TransferWise and Vueling, with many more to come.

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To get started, download Android Pay from the Play Store and add an eligible MasterCard and/or Visa credit card from BNP Paribas Fortis, Fintro and Hello bank!. Debit cards from those banks and CBC/KBC will be coming soon. Android Pay is available on all Android phones on KitKat 4.4 or higher for online purchases and requires NFC for in-store purchases.

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We've teamed up with many leading payment platforms, processors, and technology providers such as Braintree and Stripe to make it even easier to accept Android Pay. Visit the Android Pay API developer site to learn more.

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Get started with Android Pay in Belgium today: download the app on Google Play, add your card and start shopping. It’s as easy as Tap. Pay. Done.