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Alalaô! Keep up with Carnaval 2020 on Google News

Break out your costumes and strike a pose: Brazil’s Carnaval starts today and lasts through February 26th. The five-day festival, which traces its roots back to the early 1700s, is now one of the largest festivals in the world with thousands of parties and millions of people celebrating across Brazil’s biggest cities. Google News is here to help you keep up with the parades and stay safe.

When you search for Carnaval on desktop and mobile devices, you’ll see an interactive topic, which will keep you updated on breaking news, help plan your schedule with parade routes and lineups, and let you rock your best look with DIY videos for costumes and make-up. You can also follow Carnaval by tapping it’s star icon on the top right corner for quick access and to receive updates directly in your For You page. 

Carnaval Keyword Phone.gif

With all the excitement also comes your safety, which is why we’ve partnered with the non-profit Think Olga to provide you with information about public safety resources and the contact information for theAssistance Center for Women in Situations of Violence and the military police. 

These features will be available across desktop, iOS and Android platforms in Brazilian Portuguese but accessible to you from anywhere in the world. 

Don’t miss a beat of the party with Google News, e se jogue na folia!

Connect with news in multiple languages with Google News

Today, more than 60 percent of people around the world speak and consume news across two or more languages. Finding articles in these languages can be challenging, since it requires you to search for topics across various apps and websites. To help solve this problem, we’ve built a new feature in Google News that will provide access to news articles from multiple languages and countries from around the world, all within one app.

Google News app in multiple languages

With this update, you’ll be able to include content in two languages together within your news app, and benefit from the headlines and stories in each language to learn more about a culture or to catch up on what’s going on elsewhere. For example, this means you can stay up to date on the news in English and Hindi at the same time, and enjoy articles from local news outlets in both languages alongside one another. You’ll be able to connect with any of your favorite publishers and topics from anywhere around the world.

We’ll still apply your previous personalization preferences, giving you the most relevant articles and topics you care about across your language choices, so you’ll never miss a story.

This expanded capability is now available for the Google News app on Android and iOS, across  141 countries and 41 language options. To activate this feature, navigate to your language settings in your Google News app.  

There’s still lots more to do to help connect people with quality and trustworthy news on the issues they care about, but we hope today’s update will make it easier to connect with different cultures and perspectives from the comfort of your device.

Google News has the Champions League all season long

Celebrate every goal and dribble along with your favorite team: The 2019/2020 UEFA Champions League season, Europe’s top-division football club tournament, is underway. The tournament, which has been held annually since 1955, consists of 32 teams that compete in five rounds for the title of best club in European soccer. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the tournament, and it all leads to Turkey. The final will be hosted at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul on May 30, 2020.

From September through May, you can follow along with our special experience on Google News. Search for and follow the Champions League topic on both desktop and mobile and get pre-match, live and post-match updates and video highlights of every game. You can also dive deep into club and player news including line-ups, game stats, analysis, injury reports, trade rumors, tweets and much more. With our new wheel format, you can quickly view every upcoming opponent and be prepared for the biggest games.

Champions League in Google News

The experience will be available across Android, iOS and web platforms, so you’ll never miss a minute no matter where you are. Will your club be crowned best in Europe? Follow along now with Google News.