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Be picky with your Takeout

Starting today, you'll have a couple of new features to make it even easier to download your data.

First, your original folder hierarchy is now maintained if you export files from Google Drive. Gone are the days of looking at the contents of your zip file and wondering which "secret_plans" file is which.

Your folder hierarchy is preserved.
Second, you can now pick a single resource within a service to download - for instance, a single Picasa album or top-level folder from Drive - instead of exporting every single file. To try it out, go to the "Choose services" tab and click on "Configure..." once you've added a service that supports this.
Want to download only your nefarious plans and all of your pictures of cats? We've got you covered!
These are just a few things that we've been working on lately. Stay tuned for lots of excitement in 2013!

Posted by Nick Piepmeier, The Data Liberation Front

Source: Data Liberation