Announcing v202005 of the Google Ad Manager API

We're happy to announce that v202005 of the Google Ad Manager API is available starting today. This version adds new functionality to several use cases, like managing video ads.

For video ads, v202005 allows you to set competitiveConstraintScope and thirdPartyMeasurementSettings on video LineItems. Also, you can now get the duration of video metadata Content for better targeting. Additionally, you can manage your CMS metadata values by marking them as active or inactive.

Another improvement that v202005 brings is that,, and Activity.activityGroupId fields have been changed from type int to type long. So if your API integration is strongly typed, be aware that you might need to make changes for this update.

This release also includes a number of Beta features, like reporting on Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, creating Makegoods for ProposalLineItems, and managing child networks through Multiple Customer Management. For the full list of API changes for v202005 and all other active API versions, check the release notes.

Feel free to reach out to us on the Ad Manager API forum with any API-related questions.