Announcing AdMob API v1 General Availability

Today we’re excited to announce the general availability v1 release of the new AdMob API. It allows publishers to programmatically get information on their AdMob account.

The AdMob API v1 release offers the following benefits for app developers compared with the existing AdSense API used to access AdMob data:

  • Retrieve metrics that are consistent with how the AdMob UI defines and calculates them
  • Retrieve mediation reports previously not available through the AdSense API

How can I get started?

The AdMob API is now available to all AdMob users. You can use the Getting Started guide and the client libraries to get started.

If you’re already working with the AdSense API, please refer to our migration guide to get started. Please make plans to migrate to the new AdMob API, as we will sunset access to AdMob data via the AdSense API in the fall of 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the AdMob API Developer Forum. We will be able to provide suggestions on how to best migrate your workflow. We look forward to hearing your feedback.