Android Basics and Training Update

Posted by Dan Galpin, Developer Relations Engineer

Android robot on a pretend video call

In October of 2021 we released the final unit of Android Basics in Kotlin, our free, self-paced programming course that makes Android development accessible to everyone. It teaches people with no programming experience how to build Android apps. Along the way, students learn the fundamentals of programming and the basics of the Kotlin programming language.

In response to feedback from educators and learners, we've continued to iterate on our course material, adding projects that allow you to apply learnings along with new topics that can prepare students for more advanced material.

A focus on basics

With these updates, Android Basics in Kotlin now covers the key material covered in Android Kotlin Fundamentals, so we will be sunsetting the latter course. More advanced learners are encouraged to work through the Basics material, skipping sections that they are familiar with and moving straight to quizzes. Focusing on basics means that intermediate and advanced learners that might be missing a key concept will have what they need to succeed with this material. This also allows our team to focus on making sure our courseware continues to represent our most recent guidance. In addition to courseware, we're continuing to provide codelabs, code samples, documentation, and video content to serve learners at all levels.

What's next?

Our team is hard at work on the next course that will teach people how to program Android applications using Jetpack Compose. We're looking forward to teaching Android’s modern toolkit for building native UI because of all the ways that it simplifies and accelerates Android UI development.

What to do now

Taking the current course will teach you the fundamentals of app development, serving as a great starting point should you want to explore the existing Jetpack Compose Learning Pathway, or jump into the upcoming Android Basics with Compose course. You'll have a foundation that you can build on as you continue to explore the world of Android development. Both versions of Android Basics are planned to coexist, giving the option of learning Android with either UI toolkit.

Whether you’ve never built an app before but want to learn how, or just want to brush up on some of our latest best practices, check out the Android Basics in Kotlin course.