Ad network optimization support now available for Chartboost and Unity Ads

AdMob Mediation is an easy way for you to manage different ad networks and help maximize revenue, all from a single interface. With AdMob Mediation, you can also take advantage of ad network optimization, a feature that helps you generate the highest CPM from your mediation stack. Ad network optimization does this by obtaining the freshest CPM from each ad network based on historical performance, and dynamically reorders them in the mediation stack, so that the ad network with the highest CPM serves ads to your apps.

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve enabled ad network optimization support for Chartboost and Unity Ads, with country-level specific CPM support. They will join over twenty of our existing supported ad network optimization ad networks.

Getting started with ad network optimization is easy; simply select the ad network(s) you want to add to mediation, enter your ad network login credentials and AdMob will pull the accurate CPM data for each network.

1. In ad network settings, check ‘Automatically pull the eCPM value from this ad network’ box.

2. Enter your login credentials so AdMob can collect the latest CPMs from your ad networks, and review the checkbox language.

Here’s what developers have to say about AdMob mediation:
“We integrated AdMob sometime last year and it doubled our income, which was really good. Mediation is one of the things we mainly use in AdMob. It supports a lot of different networks, so we don’t need to integrate different SDKs.” 
- Amit Goyal, Co-Founder and CTO, Appkruti
“We’ve seen a 30% to 40% bump in revenue since we started using mediation in AdMob. AdMob offers a simple way to work with multiple ad partners to maximize fill rates and revenue. The way AdMob automatically optimizes across multiple ad networks is fantastic.” 
- Micah Koffron, Founder, Digitalchemy
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Posted by Henry Wang
Product Marketing, AdMob

Source: Inside AdMob