Accelerated Mobile Pages in Search

People are consuming more content on their mobile phones than ever before. We read, listen, watch, play, and buy from our phones while we’re out, at home, on the bus, and with our friends. Google Search aims to show you the best answers for all of life’s contexts, and we want to help you explore and discover great content on the web. Today, Google Search is excited to share a preview of how Accelerated Mobile Pages are helping us create a fast and beautiful content browsing experience for mobile web.
Whether you want to find out the latest [news] or the next [recipes] to try in the kitchen, Search brings you fresh, high-quality content from around the web. Accelerated Mobile Pages are specially formatted web pages that enable Search to display this content extremely fast, while ensuring that publishers control the way their content looks and feels.

This demo of Accelerated Mobile Pages in Search utilizes content from a limited set of participating publishers and is accessible through the below links. We hope that it provides a glimpse of how fast the mobile web can become, and how Search is committed to making results fresher and browsing faster.

Explore and search within in your mobile browser or follow the links below:

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Posted by Daniel Rocha, Software Engineer

Source: Inside Search