A letter to the parents…

Dear Parents,

It's that time of the year when the temperatures are rising, schools are closed for vacations and more often than not, kids are glued to their screens! Yes it's summertime, and while you may be worried about your kids spending some extra hours on the Internet, we feel you can use that time to bond with them, learn together, encourage them to make new discoveries and help them be responsible explorers of the web.

So whether you are planning a holiday, choose to stay indoors to beat the heat, or simply want to help kids pick a hobby, we want to make the journey to your destination meaningful and fun!

We have partnered with our product leaders to bring to you, a series of activities you can do along with your kids to make this a memorable #SummerWithGoogle at the Summer Camp.

The road to the summer camp will include four assignments that will make the ‘Summer of 2018’ last a lifetime. From exploring the country that is home to all the pandas in the world on Google Earth, to saying gracias and por favor as you learn phrases in Spanish and other languages on Google Translate; taking dramatic virtual tours of museums to make your own gallery on Google Arts & Culture and ultimately building your very own app to share your summer experience.

Each assignment will also carry questions on the four fundamental codes of being Internet Awesome and teach the young internet explorers a lesson or two on how to be -- Internet Smart, Internet Alert, Internet Strong, Internet Kind and Internet Brave. Learn more here.

The assignments can be accessed on the #SummerWithGoogle website and Google’s social media handles every week, and will be accompanied by a set of instructions that will answer all your “how to” questions. Each assignment will be linked to the previous one, so its important you take out that one hour in a week, and carry positive marking for every correct answer you give. There will be subjective questions too, that will bring alive every child’s creativity and imagination.

At the end of four weeks, we will host a fun filled Summer Camp at Google’s Gurgaon and Hyderabad campus, flying upto 100 participants along with their guardians from across the country. If you don’t want your child to miss the Summer Camp, help them participate by following these four easy steps.
We are hoping that our fun assignments will bring you and your kids the next wanderlust experience you have been craving for and make you learn many things in the process.

Your first assignment is here:

Stay tuned for more from us.

Yours Truly,

Sunita Mohanty, On Behalf of Google