2 Gig Accelerates in Utah and Atlanta

When we announced that we were testing 2 Gig service, we were not prepared for such an enthusiastic response. Thousands of you across all our cities signed up to be trusted testers. We appreciate those who were able to take the time to help us make 2 Gig launch ready.   

Today 2 Gig is available in Utah (both in Provo and Salt Lake City) and  in Atlanta, joining Nashville and Huntsville. New and existing customers in those areas can choose between our very fast flagship 1 Gig service at $70 a month or our even faster 2 Gig service at $100 a month.

With 2 Gig, everyone in your household can do what they want online simultaneously — whether that’s video conferencing for work or school, streaming their favorite show, or playing a video game — and still enjoy the fastest speeds your devices are capable of, even in larger, heavy internet use households with advanced devices. You can definitely take advantage of our 2 Gig service without running out and buying new equipment, but 2 Gig is so fast that many existing devices aren’t built to keep up with that speed individually yet (only newer devices with built-in Wi-Fi 6 capabilities can reach top wireless speeds).

If you are ready to rev up to 2 Gig and want to make sure that you have that top speed on a device (and the speedtest to prove it), make sure your equipment is ready for it. Wired connections are the fastest connections, so with both 1 Gig and 2 Gig, you’ll get your fastest speed connected via an ethernet cable. Unless you have a device with an ethernet port designed for 2.5 Gbps or higher, you’ll need an 2.5 Gb or faster adapter (or dongle) and a Cat6 ethernet cable connecting your device to the router to get the top speed. Also, make sure you’ve done all your system updates so your devices are running at their fastest.  

If all this sounds like something you want to try and you are in one of our other cities, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to get the latest news on where and when 2 Gig is available. We’ll be rolling out 2 Gig in other cities shortly — as fast as we can to make your internet even faster. 

Posted by Scott Tenney, Head of Sales, Salt Lake Valley, & Jonathan Arp, Head of Sales, Atlanta



author: Scott Tenney and Jonathan Arp

title: Head of Sales for Salt Lake Valley and Atlanta

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